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Greg Merson - Brand Ambassador For The WSOP

Any avid follower of the annual World Series Of Poker event otherwise known as the WSOP, will no doubt be familiar with Greg Merson, WSOP winner 2012.

Cool looking Merson with his cropped hair and dark glasses, personifies the look of the guy in charge. Tight lipped and keeping his cards close to his chest, this is a character that is never going to give too much away when it comes to Poker. He is also known for spinning the famous slots from time to time. He knows the best sites for learning how to play these games for free. These sites give you free spins upon registration that you can use to kick-start your gaming session and win big. That's how he did it when he was bored or tired from poker.

This 26 year old first got started playing Poker eleven years ago. No big tournaments then, he would just get together with a few neighborhood buddies. Having attended the University Of Maryland for a short while, the temptation to play Poker full time was just too much and so after a couple or three semesters, he decided to follow what was to be his true vocation culminating in him becoming a professional Poker Player. He started playing small stakes in online casinos like Pamper, which you can try for free by getting their no deposit bonus offer from this link.

At first, things didn't work out too well for him and so he figured it best to enrol at a local community college. Not to be deterred, he continued to pursue his passion, elevating himself in status to successfully specialising in the short handed cash game. You might find it surprising,, but he started by playing freerolls and using free bonus codes to learn poker games. So if you are to make the same strategy and steps, learn how to claim free bonus codes and where to find them with the help of the Club Player No Deposit guide. Click here to get redirected.

Prior to his successes at the 2012 World Series Of Poker, he openly admitted to being involved with drugs. He claimed that he had been addicted to specifically both marijuana and cocaine, to what degree can only be speculated, but this was something he was to put behind him.

Making money at Poker tournaments using his own skills is one thing but amazingly before he became a recognized name, he astutely invested a 5% stake on a player involved in the annually televised PokerStars Caribbean adventure. This was a tournament that premiered in 2004 on board the luxury Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas. The player picked up the big price, as for Greg Merson, without having to even play a single hand, he pocketed $75,000, a nice little taster of things to come. If you are looking to keep track of odds, or play in tournaments online, visit to locate the best sportsbooks around.

Playing online under the name of gregy20723, Greg Merson would flex his skills at PokerStars and one of his best early results was on July 25th 2010, where he picked up winnings of over $40,000, in the Second Chance event with PokerStars. Since then his winnings have spiralled into the stratosphere having now accumulated just a $100,000 short of $11,000,000. Not surprising in September 2014, he was unveiled as the first brand ambassador for the WSOP. Who can possibly take his place?

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Greg Merson - An Amazing Journey To Brand Ambassador For The WSOP