Could It Be True Doyle Brunson Is Bankrupt, Perish The Thought!

When it comes to icons in the game of Poker and players that have stood the test of time a lot of players will name Doyle Brunson, right up there as a top Poker player. Is it possible that such a legend could have fallen on hard times and actually gone broke?

Early on in his professional career Doyle Brunson did indeed go bust. This can happen as all gamblers know. Some players under such circumstances have to make changes in their lives when falling upon such hardship with some forced away from the game altogether. Drastic circumstances often call for drastic action, life sometimes is not always a bed of roses.

In Brunson's case when it happened to him, he somehow managed to keep on going and turned the adversity into a career that has spanned some 50 years. This 81 year old although not nearly as active as he has been in the past, has already made his clear statement of intent on a blog post by declaring that in no way was he getting ready to quit the game that he so dearly loves and the only reason he would ever stop would be if for some reason it were impossible for him to sit at a table.

Back in the mid seventies at the height of the disco era, Doyle Brunson had his mind on other things. Well, besides discos and nightclubs not exactly being aligned with his generation, he was developing his own 'Night Fever' routine of wowing all and sundry with his remarkable Poker abilities.

Having entered the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for two consecutive years both in 1976 and 1977 he was able to carve out his very own little piece of WSOP history by twice winning the $10k buy-in event. Little piece it is indeed considering some of the accomplishments the Godfather of Poker has under his belt, none the less, he is one of only four elite players who have won this event more than once.

Throughout his long career, he has hardly stood still. He has accumulated ten World Series of Poker bracelets sharing this second all time high with Phil Ivey and Johnny Chan. He became the very first Poker player to hit the million dollar mark in tournament earnings and is also one of only two players who has for four years in a row won WSOP tournaments. If he has suddenly ended up broke, it would be surprising indeed, where do people get these silly stories?