Why Would Jamie Gold Sell His WSOP Main Event Winner's Bracelet?

As collectibles go one can collect many things. It can be stamps, coins, football cards, some people have even been known to collect keys, although whether for dubious means might be challenged if they were also preoccupied with stealing automobiles. Having won a Main Event bracelet for the WSOP as Jamie Gold the Poker player did in 2006, one would think if his luck continued, this could be the start of a nice little collection, but it appears he had no such thought in mind.

The 2006 WSOP Main Event was the largest event of its kind ever with a total of 8,773 players. Jamie Gold picked up a cool $12 million for the accolade of winning the title and walking away with a most treasured possession, as well as the cash, a tournament winners bracelet, a piece of jewellery that shouts out loud, "I'm the man", so why on earth just 7 years later, does it end up in some auctioneers hands?

This is not the first time this has happened, taking another prime sport example from the world of Soccer players have been known to sell off or auction their World Cup Winners medal. Ray Wilson left back for England picked up his winners medal in 1966 later to have it auctioned and sold for £80,000 but not 7 years later. No doubt needing the money since a soccer player's career is short, he held out as long as he could, some 36 years in fact.

Back to Jamie Gold, he is not the only WSOP Main Event winner to sell a WSOP winners bracelet. He joins such illustrious winners such as, Jerry Yang, Brad Daugherty. T.J. Cloutier, Paul "Eskimo" Clark and Also Peter Eastgate.

Eastgate who won the 2008 event auctioned his winner's bracelet for charity. The auction collected over 100 bids and eventually was sold to William Haughey for $147, 500. Why would he want to collect or buy such an item? Well possibly it's quite easy to study his motive as he has since said that he would like to offer the bracelet to the winner of a WSOP Charity Event. Hey, how classy is that? Yes, now that is "The Man".