Why Heinz has been so successfully in poker!

Pius Heinz is one of the great men who have won the WSOP main Event. However, he should not be confused with other WSOP winners like Jonathan Duhamel, Martin Staszko, Phil Collins, and Sam Holden among others. Unlike all these champions, Heinz went ahead to become part of Team PokerStars Pros. On the contrary, he did not truly embrace the poker spotlight as Duhamel.

Heinz who is a 22-year-old German, started playing poker in back in 2007. He first started playing poker as hobby when he was five years. He used to watch poker from TV and that is how his interest in poker grew. He would then gather with friends and gamble every weekend in a peaceful environment.

In 2008, he signed up with one of poker sites and started playing cash games and small tournaments. However, with time, he found cash games more interesting compared to tournaments. In 2011, his devotion towards poker increased. This is when he started participating in all poker major events.

In 2011, he made his biggest achievement, where he won $8,715,368 in the World Series of Poker Main Event. This opened new doors for the young poker star. While everyone expected him to walk through this door, he withdrew from the limelight. In 2 years, Heinz has managed to collect $8,739. As such, he fell from the German's top spot of all-time money list.

Heinz's other achievements include reaching the final table at 2011 WSOP event and finishing in the Seventh place. Besides that, he also won a side event held on August,2011 at EPT Barcelona.

In addition to that, Pius Heinz has become one of the most sought after celebrity in the poker world. He has become the talk of media including radio, TV and print media. If you are looking for a great speaker, you can never go wrong with Pius Heinz. All you need to do is contact him and book.

Just like other casino games, it takes time to learn poker. In fact, if you want to win, you must have good mastery of the game. You can learn directly from Pius Heinz, who is a World's poker champion and find more about secrets of increasing your odds. He is a great coach when it comes to poker. Through private lessons, you can raise the game to a new level. As a result, improve your gaming experience.