Greg Raymer: Learn more about his life

Greg Raymer is one of the most active and visible game ambassadors of all time. This is because he was declared a winner of the main Event World Series Of Poker (WSOP) ten years ago. He also decided to quit his job as a Pfizer lawyer and devote to playing full time poker, which he considered as a profitable hobby. The following year he followed up his championship at WSOP Main Event where out of 5,619 entrants, he finished 25th, an extraordinary achievement.

Other poker accomplishments by Greg Raymer include the 2009 WSOP's $40,000 No Limit Hold'em where he finished third with almost $800,000. In 2007, he also won a bracelet whose value was $168,362 in the World Championship of Online Poker and even made career earnings of more than $7.4 million.

Besides being a poker player, Greg Raymer is a teacher. His passion for poker made him teach people how to play poker at WSOP Academy. Together with his wife, Greg started a poker training school and named it Fossilman Poker Training. In 2010, he ended his long and successful relationship with PokerStars to focus on his training school.

Speaking in his interview, Greg explains the changes poker has had over the past 10 years in his life. He said that it is easier becoming a good player now compared to the past. However, it is challenging if you are a professional player and want to make a living out of it because someone better than you will always come up.

He also explains that he has had his downsides at poker. For instance, he is always away from home because of poker. There is also a lot of travelling involved in poker and his wife Cheryl and his daughter do not like travelling. So even if they liked the trips of accompanying Greg to his events, they do not really love them. Besides his love for poker, he also loves golf.

In 2013, he was arrested and charged for male prostitution operation and asking for sex. However, these charges were later dismissed. This incident has been painful for him to bear and publicly embarrassing. With all the challenges in his life, he still has not given up his poker career and he looks forward to a great future.