Let's define Joe Cada for you

Joe Cada takes poker playing professionally and is from Michigan. He is best known as a champion of 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, with a huge bankroll. At 21 years, he is the youngest player in history to win the WSOP title. However, Cada was already a regular poker player prior to winning WSOP Main event.

He is a poker player with over $400,000 winnings. He first won $2,500 in No Limit Hold'em event where he finished in the 64th place. A few days later, he finished 17th in $1,500 No Limit Hold'em, recording a total of $28,216. The main event then followed, changing his life completely.

The Main event had 6,494 participants, all looking to take home poker's huge prize. After hours of play, Joe emerged the winner for the main event's huge pay of $8,546,435, a championship title that everyone wants to lay their hands on. Before the main event, he won $128,872 for 2009 poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker.

For Cada to achieve this title at a tender age, means that he is such a threat to many at the poker table in the future. This also proves that the young generation of poker players has what it takes to make it to the live scene.

Cada started playing online poker when he was 16 years. He stacked his account twice, but lost all the money since he was sharing the account with his brother. He first played at PartyPoker. Since he could not to play in US sites at the age of 19 prior to age restriction, he could play in Canada. After taking a vacation from online poker, he started playing in Windsor, Canada from his home area. He was able to earn enough money that made him join contests in Costa Rica and Bahamas.

To Cada, poker is a hobby, a game that is about logic and not luck. He believes that everyone should be allowed to play poker on the web if they can. He also finds Sunday major tournaments enjoyable in different sites. He sharpened his skills through online players with better knowledge and experience. Usually, Joe hosts a number of poker players on Sundays while going through major events to keep each other company. He hosts around 15 players at his house.

Joe Cada is a member of Team PokerStars Pro and uses jcad99 as his screen name. Besides playing poker, he also plays indoor soccer.